The mission of the Greenbrook Eagle Fund is to maintain and enhance the quality of education at Greenbrook.  The Eagle Fund needs to raise over $205,000 each year in order to pay for programs like Computer Instruction, Art, Music, Library, Technology, Math & Reading Intervention, Soul Shoppe, Rainbow, Classroom Aides that provide one-on-one instruction to our kids and so much more!  


You can help us meet our goals two ways:  

1.  Donate Money (it goes directly to the Eagle Fund and is 100% tax deductible) or

2.  Donate items or services or offer to host a party for one of this years Auctions (Carnival, Online Auction or Gala/Casino Night).


What is the Eagle Fund?

What is the Eagle Fund? The Eagle Fund is a group of Greenbrook parents, just like you, that volunteer their time to help raise, manage and allocate over $215,000 each year to pay for really important programs at Greenbrook like Teachers Aides, Computers, Art, Music, Math & Reading Intervention, and so much more. The Eagle Fund gets 100% of its money from parent donations through various fundraisers throughout the year. We are not the same as the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) and many people confuse the two groups. Here are some answers to some common questions about The Eagle Fund to help you understand the importance of The Eagle Fund to your child’s education at Greenbrook over the next six years.

What does the Eagle Fund Pay for:

The Eagle Fund has already approved a budget in excess of $215,000 for the 2016-2017 school year to pay for the following important programs at Greenbrook:

Classroom Teacher Support (a.k.a. Paras or Aides) - Eagle funds Classroom Aides. The Aides assist students in a small groups and on an individual basis to help classroom teachers and to give students the extra help they might need.

Art - Eagle pays for Greenbrook’s Art Teacher and her art supplies.
Music/Vocal Instruction - Eagle pays for Greenbrook’s Music Teacher.
Math & Reading Intervention – Assistance is given to students in small groups and individually who need

extra support in either Math or Reading.
Computer Instruction & Technology— Eagle pays for Greenbrook’s Computer Teacher and numerous

laptops, desktops, iPads, Chromebooks, iPad Minis and iTouches for the students.
Library - Eagle pays a significant portion of Greenbrook’s Librarian.
Rainbow - Rainbow provides assistance to children who might need a little support socially or emotionally. Soul Shoppe - Eagle pays a portion of Soul Shoppe. ~ a comprehensive character education/anti-bullying

program that helps students work though common recess and classroom misunderstandings without adult intervention.

How does the Eagle Fund pay for these programs?

Eagle relies on parent donations and participation in their fundraisers throughout the school year. Fundraisers change from year to year, but in general, about $100,000 is raised from the Family Donations fundraiser (the $295 per child optional suggested donation during Greenbrook’s Online Registration in August), about $25,000 each from the Online Auction and the Gala or Crab Feed and the remaining $50,000 from fundraisers like the Turkey Trot, Carnival & Tri Tip Dinner.

Can I help?

DEFINITELY! If you have any questions about The Eagle Fund or would like to get involved with Eagle or some of our fundraisers, please email our President, Wendy Emett, at wendymemett@gmail.com as we can always use the help! :)

WANT INFO ON FUNDRAISERS? LIKE US ON FACEBOOK facebook.com/GreenbrookElementaryEagleFund

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